The Joyces

The Joyces is a small business that was started by Joyce Bussema and Joyce Davies after being in the catering and event industry for over 20 years and working at popular banquet halls.

When a change in management left them without jobs, they took their wealth of knowledge about event and hosting needs and opened a business– Serving at events and parties– not preparing food, not providing dishes or serving pieces—but setting out, serving, and cleaning up—all the “stuff” that makes entertaining cumbersome and stressful right before, during and at the end of a party.

Their motto is: Enjoy your guests…while we do the rest

They started their business by attending a networking event, where they saw former guests from where they had previously worked, who asked about their new business venture and then asked them for their card. The rest is what is tritely called, “history.” Their business has grown mainly through referrals.

Before a party, they talk with the client about needs, (sometimes include a site visit), and when they arrive at the home or venue, they get a quick “lay of the land” (where things are located, timeframe, etc.) Seamlessly, they go to work, setting up, serving, cleaning up, anticipating the needs of hostess and guests.

Both Joyces possess important qualities to succeed: excellent listening skills; great memories for food, beverages, faces, where things are kept; they’re very personable and intuitive; and are detail oriented, organized, and clean and neat.
In the 8 years they have been in business, their business has grown. They now have a few helpers, a number of repeat clients, and a strong referral base

Besides being excellent at what they do, the Joyces exemplify how identifying a need, finding a market niche-small or large—can become the route to business success. The Joyces truly live up to their motto: Enjoy your guests…while we do the rest.

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