Jonathan Kane Salon & Spa of Homewood

Awardee:  Jonathan Kane Salon & Spa of Homewood

Larry Kane, founder and owner of Jonathan Kane, is a south suburban native. He was raised in Dolton, now lives in Flossmoor, and owns a business in Homewood. Starting with only 7 staff members the salon and spa now employs 30 technicians and support staff.

He and the salon are being awarded the training excellence award because they talk the talk and then walk the walk: In the spa’s mission statement it is stated that “Our mission at Jonathan Kane Salon & Spa is to care for our Guests and provide them with the finest salon and spa experience.

We will honor our mission statement by applying our values of care, honesty, growth and service to the following initiatives:

  • Carefully hire and train the best candidates and technicians
  • Focus on the Guest experience and strive to improve that experience, EVERYDAY
  • Train our staff in the highest technical standards
  • Value the time and loyalty of our Guests
  • Care for our world, community, business, coworkers and Guests
  • Provide a clean and safe work environment
  • Refine and adapt our space, services and care as needs evolve
  • Create sound business practices
  • Provide a comfortable and welcoming workspace for each other and our Guests
  • Strive to be the source for the best in hair, skin, body and nail services and products
  • Look, dress, act, speak and perform in a manner that says, “Best in Class”

They have been honored to be awarded as one of the Top 200 Salons in the US by Salon Today Magazine, 6 years in a row.

They have also worked to train their staff and clients on the importance of sustainability and responsible stewardship of our communities and planet. As a result, they were the 1st recipient of the Flossmoor Zero Hero Award for creating a Zero Waste small business and also work to increase awareness of the health and wellbeing of the 7 Great Lakes.

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