Aunt Martha’s Health & Wellness

Economic Leader: Aunt Martha’s Health & Wellness

 When you think about Aunt Martha’s the first thought that comes to mind about this agency might not be that it is an economic development leader; however, this is very much what it is.

By the numbers, Aunt Martha’s  Health & Wellness itself contributes 10% of the Total Economic Impact of Illinois Community Health Centers.  It serves 70,000 patients and clients annually; it has helped more than 90% of the youth in crisis to stay with their families and out of the child welfare and juvenile system; it serves 650 communities, (many of which are in the scope of SSSBA); 1:170 babies are delivered by an Aunt Martha’s physician; it serves 3 ½ times more uninsured patients than the average community health center in Illinois. 

Moreover, it employs approximately 450 employees in the SSSBA scope (south side of Chicago through Joliet).

Adding to its economic impact, the agency has established strong relationships and collaborations with businesses, local and regional governments, and other social service agencies. Aunt Martha’s Health & Welllness provides services in a wide variety of communities in the region.

They have realized that success is dependent on taking a holistic view of the whole person: physical, emotional, mental, community and more.  As a result, the organization has modified some areas of service, expanded others and developed important collaborations to ensure that they meet the needs of the communities effectively and efficiently.  Overall, they have found that by working with the community as well as the family and individual to help promote wellness and overcome barriers, individuals and families are healthier and able to be more productive.  These results certainly have an economic impact on the region. 

The agency’s mission is straight forward:  Driven by innovation, integration and care coordination, Aunt Martha’s Health & Wellness is committed to providing an exceptional, unique, and comprehensive patient experience.

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